Our little girl had a birthday. Emma turned four on May 8th and its hard to believe she’s already so big.

Emma's birthday ballons

This past year she’s grown up so much. She is such a good big sister and I love seeing her come up with games for Brendan and her to do. She’s always sure she knows what he wants and it makes me smile.

Emma and Brendan playingEvery new thing that she sees or learns about – she wants to do. I love the apparent fearlessness that sometimes comes out of her usual timid nature. After reading about high wire walking she informed me she wanted to do it. Up high on a wire between the trees. Being a mommy, I improvised.

Emma practising high wire walking

She asks the best questions and sometimes they seem never ending. But I love how they get me thinking and I’ve loved learning where cork comes from and how sugar cane is harvested because of her.

Emma holding a salamander

She’s a very special girl. We feel so blessed that she’s ours. Happy birthday, Emma-girl.

Emma's fourth birthday cake


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