Picture Book Shelves

If you peek down the hall to the kids room, this is what you will see. Floor to ceiling shelves full of picture books.

Picture Book Shelves1

I had been wanting some shelves in the kids room from all the way back in their old room in our previous rental. We had looked at these plans from Ana White for her picture ledges and thought they would be perfect. We found some wood that would work for them from our stash and cut it to length but hadn’t gotten around to actually assembling them, as we ended up moving soon after.

After seeing this wall by the door in the kids new room, we thought it would be the perfect place for them. It is narrower than the wall we had originally planned to put them on though, so we had to make them shorter to fit. We ended up cutting the wood in half to make six smaller shelves instead of the original three bigger ones, which worked out quite well.ana-white-ten-dollar-ledges-1


This was our first project using the Kreg Jig and it worked great to join the boards. We filled the screw holes with wood filler and sanded them smooth. I decided to go with a whitewash finish as I love the look and wanted to try it out. I put it on a little thick so I didn’t get as much wood grain showing through as I would have liked, but they were still pretty and we hung them up and filled them with the kids books. I love how they filled up that wall.

We took them down before painting the kids room and decided to take the sander to them while they were down to get a little more of the wood showing through. Dan went over them with the belt sander and now they have a beautiful worn look to them which made me completely fall in love with them again.

Picture Books Shelves - Paint finish

And here they are all filled up with books. They fit perfectly between the door and the wall and I love how they make the awkward end of the closet wall look more purposeful.

Picture Book Shelves2

The kids love having so many of their books in here. They use them during quiet time in the afternoon and for a close by bedtime story. I love all the colour they add to their room.

Picture Book Shelves Close Up

We keep board books on the lower two shelves so Brendan can reach them and the older storybooks higher up for Emma. I rotate the books with others from the living room every once in a while to give them a little variety.

Picture Book Shelves - Brendan playing

I love a wall full of bookshelves. These ones are especially fun because we have an ever changing art display with all those illustrations. Seeing them all right there makes them so inviting and the kids use them almost every day. They are the perfect addition to their room.

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