The Front Gardens

This spring I couldn’t wait to play around with the front gardens.

Front of House Before

Front Garden Before - Left side

Front Garden Before - Right side

Mostly because I was dying to add some hydrangea bushes. Annabelle Hydrangeas are my favourite and we had put one bush in the front garden at our old rental, but it didn’t really do much (I don’t think it got enough sunlight there). This time around I was determined to find the perfect spot for them. Since they are supposed to like morning sun and afternoon shade (so they say) I deemed the front gardens as the perfect spot. They get sun all morning but by the afternoon they are covered in shade from the house.

Front Garden - Removing old border1

To get the front garden ready for them Dan first pulled up the old scalloped stone border for me as it wasn’t really our style. We also put down more mulch as the landscaping fabric was showing through in a few spots and went with a darker colour than before for a little more contrast.

Front Garden - Removing old border2

Then it was time to move around some plants to make room for the new ones. I moved one of the trees to the side of the house and the other to the back by the garage door. I love how they add a bit of colour and height around the house. The boxwood and lilies I used in the new garden arrangement and the others I passed onto my mother-in-law for her garden.

Front Garden After - Dwarf Alberta Spruce

I brought three large Annabelle Hydrangea bushes and two small Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees to add to the front garden. One of the dwarf spruce I planted in a large clay pot to the right of the door and the other on the left in the garden. I’m hoping that once the one in the garden gets a bigger they will frame the door nicely.

Front Garden After - Hydrangeas and Boxwood

By the time I was ready to plant the hydrangeas Dan was home from work, so we finished planting them together after supper. We put them along the back of the wall with the boxwood in front. The lilies went between the boxwood and the dwarf spruce to help fill out the empty space around it until it gets bigger.

Front Garden After - Hydrangea bloom

Front Garden After - Hydrangea plant

I love this little arrangement. I’m hoping that as things fill out it will look even better but I’m so enjoying having the hydrangeas out front and watching the blooms start to form. I can’t believe there are so many this first year! The boxwood work so well with them and I’m really pleased with my stately little spruce by the door.

Front Garden After - Left side

I didn’t touch the second front garden on the right side of the house besides adding a little more mulch as I’m still trying to decide what to do with it. I’m thinking something that flowers to go along with the boxwood that is already there. Maybe some peonies or more hydrangeas? We’ll have to see.

Front Garden After - Fern in pot

I’ve been loving potted ferns lately so I picked up this little guy to go in the large clay pot by the garage entrance and a few ranunculus and bacopa to go in my smaller pots. The fern is going strong but the smaller pots are not doing so well anymore so I brought them around to the back to see if I can revive them in a more shady spot.

Front Garden After - Ranunculus and Bacopa in pots

Front Garden After - Right side

So here’s where we are at. It feels so much more like our home when we pull in the driveway now. I love that about projects like this. Anyone else working in the garden? What do you have in your front garden?


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