Strawberry Picking

We love getting in the strawberry patch every summer. It’s such a fun thing to do with the kids and we usually pick enough to put away some for the winter too.

Picking Strawberries - Family picture

This year we went on a Saturday morning to a local u-pick farm and met up with my mother-in-law at the patch. She goes out picking every year too, so it was nice that we could do it together.

Picking Strawberries - Dan and Brendan

Emma was so excited to go strawberry picking this year and she did a great job. She picked about two baskets all by herself.

Picking Strawberries - Emma

Brendan had a ton of fun running up and down the rows, but I think more strawberries ended up in his mouth then in his basket. He rarely had more then one strawberry in his basket at a time, but he was pretty happy carrying it around.

Picking Strawberries - Brendan

It was so much fun watching these two follow each other around the patch.

Picking Strawberries - Kids

We picked sixteen quarts all together, which went pretty fast. The berries were so good this year too. Perfectly ripe.

Picking Strawberries - Getting more baskets

After we got home we washed and hulled the berries and put them away in the freezer. We enjoy them on pancakes and in crisps all year long. And of course, quite a few of them get eaten fresh too.¬†There’s nothing quite like fresh strawberries.

Picking Strawberries - Emma tasting

Are you picking berries this summer? What do you like to do with yours?


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