Outdoor Chairs

As we’ve been turning our focus to our outdoor spaces with the summer weather, we toyed with looking into some furniture for the backyard. We already had a couple lounge chairs from family which were perfect for reading and watching the kids. We even had a table, also from family, but no dining chairs yet to put around it. So this spring we improvised and ate dinner outside with our plates on our laps. It worked, but was a little messy with the kiddos, so we didn’t do it as often as I would have liked.

Brendan in Chair

I looked around at a few places for outdoor dining chairs and saw a few I liked, but seeing as we don’t have a deck yet to put them on, it wasn’t really high on our list. Then Dan happened to see some on sale at Home Depot as he was picking up some supplies for a project and gave me a call. We decided to go for them, as they were just the style we were looking for and were only $18.00 a piece. So he brought four of them home for around the table.

Outdoor Table and Chairs

We pulled the table out of the garage where we had been storing it and set them up in our backyard. We had an impromptu barbecue with family the other weekend and it was so nice to have the extra seating. They are so comfy and I love that I can leave them outside without having to worry about them getting wet. We get so much use out of them because they are always there and ready. Supper in the backyard is happening so much more now that we have an easy place to do it.

Brendan Eating Outside

The downside is that we have a lot more furniture to move when we mow the grass, but at least it won’t be forever as it can all transfer to the deck once its built. And the fact that we are able to enjoy our backyard that much more now makes it worth it to us.

BBQ and Outdoor Eating Area

I’d love to spray paint the table to freshen it up and match the chairs eventually, but I’m thinking I may wait until we have the deck built before I tackle that. Right now I love that we can enjoy our backyard to its fullest, even without a deck.

What about you? Anyone else as excited as I am about dinner outside?

Eating Outside


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