Hydrangeas in Bloom

My hydrangea bushes have been in full bloom for a few weeks now and I’m loving them so much. They are such pretty flowers.

Front Garden with hydrangeas

With my first hydrangea bush at our old rental, I got about four or five blooms a year, so I’m so impressed with this first year of blooms on these after just planting them this spring. I can’t wait to see them all filled out over the next few years.

Hydreangeas in bloom1

Hydrangeas in bloom2

So many big white blooms together. And I love that they last so long. They are the perfect front door flower.

Hydrangeas in front garden

I love the freshness of the white against our orange brick. They look so sharp. Our lilies are getting ready to bloom soon too so it should be fun to see a little colour added to the mix.

Front Garden in bloom

I’m so glad we planted the hydrangeas this spring. They make me smile every time I see them.

Read about planting the front garden here.

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