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Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial

Fall is here now with its cool, crisp air and beautiful colours. I’ve been puttering around the house, bring out our extra blankets and enjoying some yummy spice teas. I love cozying up our home for the cooler months. I was looking through my fabric stash last week for some fallish fabrics when I came across this piece of light brown wool.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Wool Fabric

It was a little scratchy for everyday use, but it had great shape and texture so I thought it would be perfect for a fall fabric wreath. The kids were already part way through their nap time so I wanted a simple, pretty way to put it together that wouldn’t involve a whole lot of time intensive cutting and pinning or gluing. So if you’re looking for a quick, cute project, this is for you.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Supplies


  • Fabric (I used 2/3 of a yard of scrap wool from my fabric stash)
  • Wreath form (mine was 12″)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Glue gun and a couple glue sticks

Step 1. Cut a thin strip of fabric about 2 inches wide.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 1 Cut Fabric Strips

Glue one end of the fabric strip to the wreath form and start wrapping the wreath with the fabric.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 1 Wrapping Wreath Form

When you get to the end, secure the strip with a dab of hot glue. Now you won’t have to worry about any green peeking through between the fabric after your wreath is finished.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 1 Wrapped Wreath Form

Step 2. Cut a second wider strip of fabric (mine was 10″ wide).

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 2 Cut Large Fabric Strips

Fold the fabric strip a couple times over and glue the end of it to the wreath form.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 2 Fold Fabric

Open the folds of the fabric and start wrapping it loosely around the form, arranging the folds as you go.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 2 Wrap Fabric Keeping The Folds

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 2 Wrapping Large Fabric Strip

If you run out of fabric before the wreath is covered simply glue the end of the first strip to the back of the wreath and glue a new fabric strip on top and keep wrapping.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 2 Adding the Second Large  Fabric Strip

When the wreath is covered, secure the end of the fabric strip to the back of the wreath with hot glue.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 2 Finished Wrapping 1

Step 3. Cut a thin strip of fabric and fold it in half for a hanger. Glue it to the back of the wreath with a bit of hot glue.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 3 Fabric Hanger

Fluff the folds a little to make sure they aren’t crushed.

Simple Fabric Wrapped Wreath Tutorial - Step 3 Finished Wrapping 2

Then go find the perfect spot for it and enjoy.

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Choosing Fabric For A Shared Kids Room

I’ve been looking around at bedding for the kids on and off over the summer, trying to decide what we want to do. We are anticipating transitioning Brendan to a big bed soonish and moving them both to a bunk bed (which Emma is so excited for!). Since we started work in their room I’ve been thinking that a bunk bed would really fit well in there and open up their floor space even more for play.

Kids Room After - Landscape view

I’ve looked around at all sorts of colours and patterns and lately I keep going back to a homemade striped quilt (sort of like this or this). I love being able to pick and choose the fabrics and the imperfect handmade feel appeals to me.

The past two weeks I’ve been playing around with fabric and mix and matching patterns online, trying to decide what to put together for the kids room. Emma requested pink on her bedding so I found this beautiful Amy Butler print called Pressed Flowers in Carmine that she and I both loved so that became our starting off point.

Amy Butler Cameo Pressed Flowers In Carmine

I decided to try this handsome Moroccan Lattice print in Clementine from Michael Miller for Brendan’s main fabric. I’m hoping the pink and red combination will play off each other well.

Michael Miller Moroccan Lattice Clementine Fabric 1

Then I brought in some navy blues to balance out the warm colours, a few more patterns and some fun etsy pillows and this is where we are today.

Girl’s Bedding Mood Board

Girl's Bedding Mood Board

1. Whale pillow. 2.  Pink flowered fabric. 3. Navy striped fabric4. Black ticking fabric. 5. Polka dot pillow. 6. Purple and tangerine fabric.

Boy’s Bed Mood Board

Boy's Bedding Mood Board

1. Bike pillow. 2. Lattice print fabric. 3Navy striped fabric4. Black ticking fabric. 5. Stripe pillow.  6. Polka dot fabric.

So now I need to order some fabric swatches to feel and play around with before taking the leap. I’ve done quite a few different kinds of sewing projects before but never a full sized quilt so that part feels a little scary. Mostly because of the machine quilting, which I’ve only done a little of, so I’ve been waffling a bit. But I’d also love to be able to do it and I think the kids would love them so I probably just need to go for it. Because how much fun would these be on their beds?

I’m thinking of pairing them with matching neutral cotton blankets for extra warmth and a fun pillow or two. And maybe the black ticking for their curtains?

Black Woven Ticking 2

Not sure yet what to do for them. We’ll have to see where we end up. But I love having a good reason to play around with pretty fabric.

Have you ever ordered fabric online? What’s your favourite way to pull together fabrics for a room?