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Our Grown Up Bed

Building a bed

Back in February, we were looking around for a project and remembered that my father-in-law had given us some beautiful maple boards that he had processed from his bush.

We had wanted to use them for a project that would really show off the wood, and as we were looking to upgrade our headboard, it seemed like the perfect project to tackle.

I was inspired by this hand built bed by Suzie from The Accent Piece and we used Ana White’s Fancy Arch Bed Building Plans for planning the build. We mostly changed the arch design on the headboard and legs. I was having a hard time deciding on how much arch I wanted for the headboard so Dan drew up the design in CAD software so we could tweak the shape until we liked it.

Headboard building plans

Dan printed out the headboard shape full scale at work so we could transfer the design, which worked really well. We used the maple boards for the headboard and legs and bought pine boards for the frame to keep the cost down.

Bed frame building plans

I love when we are able to work on things together but it was cold in the garage (remember February?) so the kids and I hung out in the house and Dan worked on most of this build by himself, with me only helping after the kids went to bed when he needed a second pair of hands. So he really did an amazing job putting it together.

He finished building it right before going away on a business trip, so I got to play around with the finish. I loved the idea of using a grey stain as I thought it might give it a little bit of a worn look and be dark enough to unify the different woods.  I ended up using Minwax’s Classic Grey stain. It turned out to be a pretty toned blue/grey depending on the undertones of the wood it was going over.

Building a bed - grey stain colour

For the protective coat I decided to try out a wax, as I’d read such good things about it from Marion of Miss Mustard Seed. I picked up Minwax Paste Finishing Wax and absolutely loved the finish. It took some muscle to apply but its not hard to do and it looks and feels amazing. So very smooth with just a subtle sheen.

Building a bed - wax topcoat

We love how it turned out. I especially like how the curvy headboard shape contrasts with the more rustic look of the wood. It’s our bit of pretty in our otherwise almost untouched room.

Building a bed - after in portrait

It’s so much more substantial then our previous bed.

Master Bedroom Before

Now we get to look at this everyday! So much better then a pile of wood in the garage.

Building a Bed - after

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